Black Magic

A modern interpretation of a timeworn tale. The goddess of Agave, was banished from her land after her father discovered she had fallen in love with a mere mortal. As punishment, the gods hid the fire in the deepest caves beyond the mountains, as a way to separate Diosa from her precious ones. We worked closely with our partners at Mezcal El Silencio to help bring the legend of Diosa to life. Our team directed the live action and table top shots, as well as captured all the photography stills on set. We helped define the campaign look and feel, with art direction, photo collages, and custom type design.

Live Action, Graphic Design, Brand Campaign

Client: Mezcal El Silencio
Executive Producer: Vicente Cisneros
Producer: Fidel Arizmendi
Director of Photography: Alberto Vega
Art Director / Stylist: Elias Lopez
Director / Designer: Kenneth Kegley
Producer: Bonnie Black
Art Directors / Designers: Eunha Choi, Rachel Bickel
Videographer: Rachel Brickel
3D Artists: Sa Kim, Bhakti Patel
Animators: Jose Ponce, Joseph Ahn
Editor: Nathaniel Park
Colorist: Rachel Ma
Photographer: Silvia Grav
Sound Design / Music: Zelig Sound
Talent: Jawni Vidal, Norman De Buck