From darkness, smoke signals to the Gods, Ceremonia begins. We were tasked to define the unique drinking ritual of Mezcal El Silencio. How do we reflect the magical, mischievous properties of Mezcal as a secret potion that takes you on a journey? Our team directed the live action, built the Alebrije creature and MES bottle in 3D, then brought it all together with custom sound design and music. We Stole The Fire. 

Live Action, 3D, Compositing

Client: Mezcal El Silencio
Executive Producer: Vicente Cisneros
Producer: Fidel Arizmendi
Director of Photography: Alan Caudillo
Director / Designer: Kenneth Kegley
Producer: Bonnie Black
3D Artist: Bhakti Patel
Editor: Nathaniel Park
Sound Design / Music: Zelig Sound
Talent: Terra (TJ) Lynne