Deep in the mountains of Oaxaca, spectators watch in procession, as Mezcaleros and mythical beasts face-off in climactic battle. These are the unseen ceremonies of the palenque.  We worked closely with our partners at Mezcal El Silencio and fashion label Art Comes First to push the Mexican mythical creatures called Alebrijes into new and darker territory. Our team directed the live action and built the Alebrije creature, from sketch into 3D sculpture. We created custom type for the main title, and captured photography stills while on set. Step up and face the silence. 

Live Action, 3D, Creative Direction, Graphic Design

Client: Mezcal El Silencio
Executive Producer: Vicente Cisneros
Producer: Fidel Arizmendi
Director of Photography: Alberto Vega
Videographer: Steve Giralt
Art Director: Elias Lopez
Stylist: Art Comes First
Director: Kenneth Kegley
Creative Director: Rachel Ma
Art Director / Designer: Rachel Brickel, Eunha Choi
Art Director / 3D Animator: Bhakti Patel
3D Sculptor: Jill Miyabara, Genesis Lee
Editor: Nathaniel Park
VFX / Colorist: JD Burditt
Sound Design / Music: Zelig Sound
Talent: Sam Lambert, Shaka Maidoh